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2 thoughts on “2019 Financial Soundness Rankings for California’s 482 Cities

  1. November 25, 2019 ·
    Los Angeles Crime Victim, Ed Ryan, wants Justice and End to Los Angeles Court Corruption. 11/24/19
    Attorney Mike Feuer’s Use of Corrupt Neighborhood Prosecutors that Protect LAPD Vigilantes By prosecuting Homeless Victims with False LSAPDS Police Reports Must Stop. by L.A City
    The Corruption is that not one LAPD Police report of any Arrested Homeless Person in Los Angeles says anything about the truth that LAPD Vigilante Harassment of homeless is on-going. Now the truth is out thanks to the “LAPD Crime-buster Vigilante” Scandal. Homeless are provoked by vigilante harassment and arrested when the fight back in self-defense. Why are all arrest reports of homeless out of the LAPD Topanga Station bereft of any mention of vigilante harassment when now we know vigilante harassment of Topanga Area homeless was endemic. The Los Angeles News Media, including the LA Times, is Bias against the Homeless and does not report this issue.
    Los Angeles court corruption victimized me to repeatedly from 2015 through 2018. Some of my arrests were in the San Fernando Valley and in the general in vicinity covered by the vigilantes belonging to; “Homeless Transient Encampments of Our West Valley” and “Crime-busters of West LAPD Hills/and Woodland Hills”. A full investigation by the uncooperating California Attorney General Becerra would prove Los Angeles court corruption. He now fails the people of Los Angeles allowing LAPD Crime-buster Vigilantes to Corrupt courts and Violate civil rights by doing violent crimes onto San Fernando Valley Homeless
    The best way to prove that Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Moore is feeding the public lies and dis-information as a way to cover up the real crimes of corruption being done by this LAPD vigilante thing, is to take a close look at the criminal cases against any San Fernando Homeless defendant from the following category; Any and all San Fernando homeless, either arrested by any LAPD community police officer from LAPD Topanga Community Police Station, or any homeless defendant prosecuted by Attorney Karine Philips, the Deputy City Attorney and Neighborhood prosecutor for the Topanga area. Note that Neighborhood prosecutor Philips was found to be a member of “Homeless Transient Encampments of Our West Valley” and/or “Crime-busters of West LAPD Hills/and Woodland Hills”. Thus, the time frame of criminal cases examined should be the time period that the first vigilante Facebook group above existed.
    Police reports from Homeless arrest cases in the Topanga area since

  2. At least we aren’t the worst. Upper Mgmt still sucks, playing games with who you know not you know, same shit different crew. Just different people to wipe their ass. Serious can’t wait for then to leave leading the city. Moral is soo f’ing low you wont believe it.

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