Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

24 thoughts on “Pastor Fred Price Jr. steps down over ‘personal misjudgements’

  1. Fred Price Jr is an awesome Bible teacher. I still watch him on sure a lot of us have a lot more dirty laundry in out closets than he does.

  2. How are you going to “lead” other people but can’t “lead” yourself? Christianity has wreaked havoc on people’s critical thinking. I’m so glad I got from up under it.

    1. Everyone isn’t perfect I’m sure you’ve heard of forgiveness? That’s why I don’t like the word religion we have a relationship with Christ and that’s why we can forgive

  3. Lord taking home one my favorite T V Pastors K C Price * man of God
    Will pray for Fred Jr for healing in his spirit and soul. We watched him preach/teach whenever
    we could. What a gift God has given him over the years in teaching The Word

  4. I think God for his honesty. And as someone said before me, a lot of pastors sin and stay in the pulpit and do not step down. I admire him and God adores him because like David he is a man of repentance. Take the moat out of your own eye and then you can plug the splitter out to others. Who out there I have not had a thorn in their side. God is forgiven, he is love, and he is gracious. Where these people who called them selves people of God get the nerve to decide how a man should repent. How many of you all have covered your sin?

    1. Exactly I started preaching at the age of 21 but I ended up stepping down about 3 years ago because I knew I wasn’t fit to preach because I didn’t want to be one of those preachers who tell ppl about the wrong doing and doing wrong themselves so I admire him for doing that

  5. Whatever Frederick Price Jr.’s reason for stepping down I am sure a woman was involved. An affair was at the forefront. His flesh no different from the average man. He went where most have home.

    1. My friends dad is part of security for Pastor Price and I over heard another man also part of security that Jr was “fxxx” his wife and I quote. That was back in 2012/2013

      1. I am sure you have proof…or can you direct us to it so these type “leaders” can be exposed and let the church remove reproach from.among the flock. Enjoy and be a blessing!!

  6. Well I don’t know the particulars but growing up as a PK myself, that was the best way to dismantle the enemy’s attacks. 🙏🏽

  7. Stepping down and going before God and being transparent with him was the godliest thing he could have done.
    If he had confessed his sins to the congregation your beaks would have started quacking and some would never have let it go. Gossip spreads far and fast.

  8. We know that man is not perfect. If we are looking for perfection we must seek only God.
    He should have apologize to God openly, parents, siblings, his congregation and to the public.
    No one is perfect including our Leaders, and it is sad that we seek forgiveness but don’t want to give it or accept it, for that I say shame on us, we will be judge by God.

    We are not here to judge anyone but to gracefully accept food of the Lord, and spread the word to those of us who don’t know him may have the opportunity to know him. We are judgmental as Christians but refuse to look into our lives and the sea of mistakes we have made and continues to make. May God continue to blessed the Christians and none Christ who continue to pass judgement and may God open their eyes to forgive

  9. I feel it is unfair that pastor price was not more transparent to his viewers and his congregation believe me GID knows what he did and if he were truly repentant he would have been totally transparent therefore it doesn’t seem sincere but that is between him n GOD

    1. What needed to be done was done. The word of God commands us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. We need to be mindful that there are many many in Leadership who have shirked their responsibility after misjudgments and haven’t stepped down. What he did took humility and it was sufficient.

      1. I know right! We all fall short of Gods graces, and please believe we all have bones in our closets. This is just being messy.

    2. I believe he said enough and it is between God and him. I believe he is truly sorry for whatever it was to decide to step down. As a believer I will pray for my brother and believe he will have a speedy recovery to continue God’s work because he is a man of God and a dynamic minister and teacher. God Bless Fred Price Jr.

  10. I am trying to get your prayer phone number so I can be on your prayer line team

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