Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

7 thoughts on “What do you want Compton: jobs or sales tax revenue?

  1. Then there’s this article indicating that Amazon is getting ready to replace UPS as their primary shipper of choice. Like I asked before, does anyone in city hall even read financials or Forbes? Apparently not. UPS is not the one they should have courted, but life if full of blown opportunities, isn’t it. Compton, typical missing the mark. Here it’s like, “fire, fire, fire, aim”, instead of the other way around. Lack of sophistication and bad reasoning avail us little in the long run. Sorry to see it this way, seriously. http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2015/12/29/will-ups-fedex-lose-out-to-amazon/#188ae9d82fbc

  2. Here are points to consider
    1- invest a minimum of $70 million in capital expenditures in the City within five years from execution of the agreement.
    A)Describe in detail what type of capital expenditures are you going to invest in?
    B)Who gets to make the decision on what capital expenditures UPS gets to invest in
    C)Are the investments going to be made in an average yearly investment or will the investment be ear marked for specific projects
    2)the City of Compton would pay UPS the equivalent of 30 percent of sales and/or use taxes that UPS reports from this proposed location and remits on transactions and purchases sourced to the City for up to a ten (10) year period
    A)The money that the city has belongs to the citizens of the Compton not City Hall. The citizens should have a say so in this matter.
    B)Inform the citizens of Compton what 30% in sales tax for 10 years equates to in $$$$DOLLARS$$$…The residents of Compton are looking for transparency from the City Government
    3) pledging to invest $70 million in the city in exchange for a sales tax break, which would last for 10 years
    A)When you pledge to invest in exchange for a “break” you are merely stealing from Peter to Pay Paul…..
    In this case both Peter and Paul need their money

  3. This is the same brick yard that is being built by a general contractor that did not / is not following the structural plans. Also the jobaite has not followed the city charter on the city requirements to hire local work force.

    1. It actually has. the jobs was not sustainable, thats why it didn’t appear too have followed the charter.

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