Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

15 thoughts on “Where has the Anti-Gang Unit Funding Gone in the City of Long Beach?

  1. I’m going to stop commenting now, and I want you to know the reason is that I’ve already devoted more time to this than it warrants. Much more.

    Good luck in your endeavors.

  2. Just to be clear. Paul Tanaka has NO control over what this blog writes. L.A. Times, KPCC and other MSM sources have all but refused to be objective in their reporting of Jim McDonnell. Seeing that said sources have refused to be objective, someone needs to be.

    Again, all of the sources of our articles stem from NON-URBAN sources: OC Register, Press Telegram, LB Report and Gazette News. Don’t be mad that urban sources have picked up on what is going on within the 2nd largest city in L.A. County.

    Let’s also be clear. MSM sources have a responsibility to be objective when reporting especially given they help shape public perception of candidates. It is irresponsible to do otherwise.

    BOTH candidates have blemished records. Tanaka’s has already been well documented. Now it is time for the truth to come out about McDonnell’s.

    Regardless of the advertisement on the site, has anything described in ANY of the articles related to Jim McDonnell been false?

    1. Given your use of innuendo and rhetorical questions it’s very hard to show anything is “false”. You don’t make clear, factual claims.

      But if you think the emails in the Super Bowl cruise story really support your claim that “recent emails that revealed that yes, Long Beach Police Department teamed up with the Feds to profile attendees on the Super Bowl cruise” you need a journalism crash course.

      “Are officers engaged in activities without the knowledge of the Chief of Police and his 2nd in command?”

      Questions like this have no place in responsible journalistic articles. It’s like me saying “Do the 2urban girls have an agenda? Are they secretly working for Paul Tanaka? Could they be drug addicts?”

      No evidence. No sources. Just a lot of jumping to conclusions. Nothing in those emails indicates racial profiling.

      You have an axe to grind. Fine. But let’s not pretend you’re an objective alternative to the LA TIMES. This is an opinion blog, and you should present it as such instead of pretending to write straight news.

      1. The “about 2UrbanGirls” page indicates we provide opinion. Its clear we are not an authority, however, your continued commenting, suggests otherwise.

  3. What is this line about skip keesal doing in there? It seems like it’s from another article or something. It makes no sense where it is and has zero to do with the article.

    Also, having the paul tanaka ad placed prominently next to an article bashing his opponent for sheriff is extremely suspect. Is this a journalistic blog, or a campaign mouthpiece?

    1. It’s important because he runs a business in Long Beach and raises a significant amount of money for children in the community. If he doesn’t endorse the current chief of police in the city he does business, that’s newsworthy.

      1. it may be newsworthy, but it’s totally unrelated to the story. You give no explanation in the article as to why you even mention him. You could have mentioned any number of people.

        Please go take a journalism class. You are clueless.

        1. Being a blogger doesn’t require AP style, however, are you offering to sponsor me for journalism classes?

  4. I noticed that you reference “Prominent philanthropist, Skip Kessler” I believe you’re talking about Skip Keesal of Keesal, Young and Logan. I’ve noticed that when you try to cover Long Beach, you make a mess of it. Stick to what you know.

    1. You are my favorite Long Beach commenter! I remember the outrage when I wrote about the case study on the Long Beach Post.

  5. since the funding cuts started a couple of years ago under Mayor Bob Foster, perhaps McDonnell is looking for greener pastures. He’s not on the city council – he can’t make budget decisions.

    1. Wouldn’t it be the chief’s responsibility to fight for the funding to remain? Three gang injunctions is a clear indication there are gang issues in the City of Long Beach, however, the articles referenced don’t discuss McDonnell’s being outraged or concerned the funding has consistently been reduced.

      L.A. County has a huge gang problem and if his approach is to simply “go along” it is no wonder the L.A. County Board of Supervisors are unanimously endorsing him.

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