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Back in March of 1991, how could we forget the killing of 15-year-old Latasha Harlins at the Empire Liquor store on 91st and Figueroa.  Her killer, Soon Ja Du, the liquor store owner, shot Harlins in the back of the head after the two fought over Ja Du’s accusing Harlins of stealing a bottle of orange juice.  Although she was found guilty of manslaughter, the coward ass judge only gave Ja Du a $500 fine, community service and probation.

Yesterday, Scott Gold of the LA Times, reported he was made aware of some rumors that Soon Ja Du is now the owner of Buddha Market over on Slauson Ave.  Apparently someone has paid for flyers and canvassing of the entire neighborhood, surrounding the store, stating that the current owner is NOT Annie Shin, but actually Soon Ja Du.
Gold says he ran straight to the store to speak with “Ms. Shin”.  Apparently she just so happened to have her citizenship papers in the store to produce the Times reporter and he was satisfied that it wasn’t Ja Du.
So my question to Scott Gold and the LA Times is, where the fuck is the picture of who you talked to in your story?  Where’s a picture of her citizenship papers?  No picture of the flyer either? Instead, the Times included a picture of a black male shopper, which is insulting to our intelligence.  How do you overlook that important part of the story?  Who has the money and/or motive to start such a rumor?
Soon Ja Du

Soon Ja Du

Soon Ja Du

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  1. UCLA professor Brenda Stevenson (chair of the History department) just wrote a book on the Latasha Harlins shooting, she might be the person to shed some light on this issue. Worth a shot.

  2. I first saw the rumor on a July 27th Facebook posting by Eso Won Bookstore. Chamber of Commerce (.com) has the owner of the market listed as Ken Der. Having just read the Scott Gold article, I’m still unsure on who the actual onwer is – although I highly doubt is Soon Ja Du.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      We aren’t sure if its her or not since the Times failed to include a picture of her. We know that illegal immigrants can gain false documents, why couldn’t she, especially given the notoriety of her name? Also, who would start such a rumor and why?

      Urban Girl

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