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photo courtesy of Urban Girl Media

photo courtesy of Urban Girl Media

Capitalism is a word that incites competition.  When I opened my business a few years ago, I was the only game in town and my bank account validated it.  I didn’t price gauge my customers, in fact, I kept pricing fair and balanced.  As competitors came in, their prices were higher than mine, customers had choices and my bank account began to suffer.  I knew not to get too comfortable in my riches for competition was inevitable.

Surprisingly, there is a store in Inglewood who benefitted for YEARS without a compeititor, but that will change now that a competitor is preparing to move into the area.

Sue Lee, owner of Gin’s Liquor Store has enjoyed the comfort of being the primary source of liquor purchases in District 1.  Sources say the store price gauges its customers, charging in excess, seeing that they are the only game in that part of town.  Gin’s owners are outraged that the City of Inglewood is considering a permit to allow a Circle K to open across the street at the site of the long shuttered gas station.

The owner wants to round-up a posse, who will speak on her behalf at the planning and city council meetings, in support of NOT opening the Circle K.

Residents have been outraged at the length of time the vacant lot has sat empty.  An empty lot means less revenue for the city to provide us services.  Chances are, the owner doesn’t even live in Inglewood.

She must be out of her mind to think we will stand for blight to keep making her money.  Sorry Charlie, the gravy train is coming to an end.

Coincidentally, Lee has submitted a claim to the City of Inglewood, for loss of income since May 2013.  It was rejected at the September 17th city council meeting due to late filing.

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