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IUSDThe Inglewood Unified School District just can’t catch a break.  It’s bad enough student enrollment is at an all-time low, employee morale is plunging and the school is under control of the state, what more could go wrong?  A special ed teacher was escorted off the campus by Inglewood police is what!

This week Morningside High School students engaged in a peaceful protest of proposed realignment of school administrators.  The students praised their teachers and vowed to continue to fight to ensure their principal stays.  The story was covered extensively throughout the city and seemed to help IUSD with the positive press over the value of their students.

Meanwhile, over at Bennett-Kew Elementary school, the current principal gave her staff notice that she will not be returning to the district.  This must have really shook up her personnel staff for today, Channel 5 news was posted out front of the school due to the misconduct of a special ed teacher.

[ State Senator Rod Wright recognizes academic achievement of Bennett-Kew Elementary Students (2013) ]

Apparently, this teacher has been posting derogatory comments on her IG page about her students.  I wonder if the principal knew of this earlier?  Remember this is the same principal who allowed a male teacher to share YouTube videos of himself as Beyoncé.

Looks like the state got it right in this case by helping the principal transition into an early retirement.  The district and Inglewood community is facing a crisis and these types of shenanigans don’t help.  One thing interim state superintendent LaTanya Kirk-Carter made clear at our parent meeting on May 21st was the assurance that principals would be trained on how to deal with their staff.  Glad to see these ongoing issues being addressed.

If I were into conspiracies, I would assume this latest IUSD blunder was to counter the positive media attention of the students protesting to save their teachers.

As Inglewood turns…so do the days of our lives…

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