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imagesRepossess Auto Sales is creeping on a come up!  You’ve seen their cars, they are distinct with that yellow license plate frame on the front and backs of the cars.  I have always wondered why people who buy their cars are going out of their way to endorse a company that is making a financial windfall off of the poor souls with little to no credit. 

Estimates show that 1 out of 5 cars on the inner city roads have been purchased at one of their locations on Prairie Ave.  You can tell they are making money by the multiple radio ads you hear on the radio.  Salesman Juan estimates that during tax season they sell upwards of 400+ cars per month.

My mother takes her dog to Hawthorne Dog Groomer Donna over at The Bowsery and last weekend Donna shared some startling news.  Repossess Auto Sales bought the ENTIRE block over on Imperial and Hawthorne to consolidate all of their locations into one huge auto lot.  We see how well that worked over in Compton, that former car lot is now the Gateway Towne Center.  Now The Bowsery, the lawnmower repair guy and other small business owners were greeted by Repossess representatives demanding they vacate the premises within 60 days.

Residents know that back in the days that corner was thriving with a gas station, Mexican restaurant, Robert F. Kennedy hospital was open and now it sits blighted and dusty.   I would be remiss if I don’t mention that at one time Inglewood stopped issuing business licenses to barbers and hair stylists citing they had too many in the city.  Apparently City of Hawthorne officials don’t mind being the used car capital of the South Bay area.  Doesn’t Hawthorne Bl. have enough used car lots to last an eternity?  Why aren’t they addressing that eye sore that used to be Hawthorne Mall?  Last time I was in there, Anthony Peeler and Nick Van Exel where Lakers.

That’s too bad for Donna who has served the community and their beloved pets for over 15+ years.  If you know of a place for her to rent, please hit her up.

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