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repossesThe City of Hawthorne is all in a presumably timely uproar over the musings of Sandy Mazza of the Daily Breeze.  There is no love lost between 2 Urban Girls and Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown but we believe his woes are calculated by someone who appears to be headed to the November elections against him.  This rumored opponent is said to have a lot of money and nearby local elected’s have allegedly lined up to endorse him.  2 Urban Girls believes it is this possible candidate who is behind the recent rash of articles.

2 Urban Girls was suspicious of the stories surrounding the evictions the mayor was facing and thought perhaps the people renting to him were setting him up.  It seemed too bizarre they would occur back to back.

2 Urban Girls received word, a couple of years ago, that small businesses, in Hawthorne, were being evicted from their businesses, at the request of the new owners.  The long time owner was in bad health so his family began selling off his assets.  The new owners bought a good chunk of Imperial Hwy for “consolidation” purposes of their existing business.

2 Urban Girls was notified about some “mysterious” person who would be entering the upcoming Hawthorne election.  It was also relayed they already have the support of nearby local elected officials and Patricia Donaldson, the president of the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce.

I would say she is a supporter.  She appears in the company’s radio commercials.

The owners who were evicting residents in 2013 also own Reposess Auto Sales.  Their latest location opened at the Hawthorne/Inglewood border.  Official candidates list will be out this summer.

The Daily Breeze recently won a Pulitzer Prize for their series on the investigation of the Centinela Valley Unified School District.  Rob Kuznia, who worked on the investigation, had long bolted for USC, before the honor was bestowed on the paper.  Kuznia went so far as to be quoted as saying he left because reporting didn’t pay enough.

On the other hand, the widely acclaimed #LAPurchased series, out of New Orleans, which yielded campaign contributions being returned, more than a few federal indictments and the parish district attorney abandoning his re-election campaign, was not even considered by the Pulitzer’s.

Is the Daily Breeze going after Mayor Chris Brown because they are being paid to?  They have already had to pull down one article about him, without so much as a retraction or admission of wrongdoing.

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Is this what “journalists” have resorted to?  Now who hired the Hawthorne PIO?

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