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thIn today’s edition of the Daily Breeze, there was an interesting article on the gang injunctions in Echo Park and Inglewood.  You can normally tell gang activity is on the rise with the amount of gang graffiti adorning private property.

The original article didn’t contain quotes from either Senator Rod Wright or former Inglewood mayor, Danny Tabor, until this afternoon.

Is Danny Tabor giving out news article quotes as a way to gain press attention for another failed attempt to become mayor of Inglewood?

This is the same man who voted to close the fire station in District 1, the same man who voted in favor of declaring an emergency in Inglewood, placing hundreds of city employees on furlough.  He is also the same man who sat on the Measure K Bond Oversight Committee giving away tax dollars to his friend who owns the “#1 black newspaper in Los Angeles”.

Danny Tabor has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of value on behalf of city residents.  If he did, don’t you think residents would have OVERWHELMINGLY voted him as mayor instead of current Mayor James Butts?  I’m cool on electing a “politician” I want someone with skills running a department, not a person who is under investigation by the LA County District Attorney for secretly recording conversations with other elected officials.  Isn’t that illegal Danny?

In two years, under Mayor Butts, Inglewood has reduced the homicide rate by 35% and if the trend for this year holds through December, homicides will be down 55% and Inglewood will have a lower homicide rate in 2012 (measured as homicides per 100,000 residents for comparison purposes) than New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento had in 2011.

Inglewood has been successful in making it uncomfortable for violent gang members, why should we dismantle one of the most proven and effective pre-emptive behavior altering tools at the City’s disposal?

Tabor couldn’t get his protégé Elliot Petty elected over Mike Stevens and this last election, Tabor came in third to Stevens.  2UrbanGirls believes Tabor’s time is up as an elected official in Inglewood.

If any of the readers care to enlighten us on how either District 1 or the City of Inglewood has benefitted from the leadership and expertise of Danny Tabor, we are ALL ears!

2UrbanGirls searched and came up with NADA DAMN THING!

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