Word on the Streets: Compton employee confesses to theft


Compton- There are thieves in the temple.  City Hall insiders share the city of Compton is one employee lighter thanks to the alleged confession of theft by the city’s deputy treasurer.  He has been booked in Men’s Central Jail with a bail of $75,000 after being arrested at approx. 2:50 p.m.

The source states:

City of Compton’s City Treasurer’s confidant and right-hand, who had signature authority, Deputy Salvador Galvan, confessed to stealing from the City. Attempted to make a run for it. Apprehended by law enforcement. Rumor has it . . . he thought it was appropriate because he has been stealing for years. 
2 Urban Girls contacted the city treasurer’s office and when asked to confirm the arrest, the woman staffer answering the phone hung up in our face.
Two elected officials from Compton corroborated the employee was walked out of city hall but requested anonymity from this author.
As deputy city treasurer, Galvan earned approx. $60k according to
Story still developing…
As the story continues to develop, city council agendas show that the city finances have not been able to be fully audited due to the departure of former city controller, Stephen Ajobiewe, in April of this year.  An IFS security’s representative made mention of the issue during a presentation that urged the passing of Measure P, to increase the city’s sales tax.  In May, a new controller was put in the position.
On the September 6, 2016, regular city council agenda, city treasurer Douglas Sanders, submitted a new list of names, for approval by city council, to have check signing authority.  Who else signed the checks and why weren’t they led out of city hall alongside Galvan?  Is this why the city council agenda’s never include a full check warrant register for public viewing.
Resolution 24,415 passed that evening.
When Sanders floated the position of deputy city treasurer, requirements were only to have six months of cash handling experience.
Be on the lookout for our next article delving into the lies espoused on Sanders’ city website bio.

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  2. Anon says:

    Wake me up when Compton wants to get real about why it’s image is so terrible – RAP music or CORRUPT/INEPT politicians.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would have thought it’d be the Treasurer Sanders

  4. Robert Ray says:

    Citizens have been asking for a long time “Where did the money go?”. Now we know.

  5. Snowqueen says:

    That is what he gets. Hope they catch the others. And than they can start on the Mayor Ms. Brown for all the money she is spending and not for the good of Compton. But to make herself look good. Remember we do not have a Christmas Parade thanks to her and city council.

    • La Shawn Kindle says:

      I am not surprise!!!! Instead of these employees stealing they can be working on ways to clean up Compton,lower property taxes,lower our sales taxes,hire employees because only had two assigned to paint the handicap curve taking over two months, and stop hiring family members and friends but people who are qualified and skilled in the job position.

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