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imagesCity of Compton will be hosting municipal elections April 16th, 2013.  Of course there is much movement from the incumbents, recently ousted councilpersons and those trying to get back in.  Let’s take a look at who is throwing their hat into the ring.  In an effort to save space, I am highlighting a few of the main candidates, a complete list can obtained from the Compton City Clerk’s office.


Charles Davis, Lynn Boone, William Kemp, Rodney Allen Rippy and Eric Perrodin have all entered.  I really wish  William Kemp would STOP splitting the vote!  This guy doesn’t even sit on the board of his OWN condo association, so what makes him think he can go straight to the office of Mayor with no real record to stand on.  There are a multitude of issues within Racquet Club that he can address, but simply ignores.  The last election we would have had a run off between Perrodin and Boone had Kemp not been in the race, thankfully Joyce Kelly’s name isn’t on the roster.   BUT GUESS WHO IS????


Recently exonerated former Mayor Omar Bradley and author of “King of Compton”  has taken out papers to file for his return.

District 2

Lillie Dobson is running again, and from the list of names: Blakely, Ivey, Downs, Green-Geter, it is safe to assume Dobson will still be in her seat.

District 3

Yvonne Arceneaux is back at it with Diana Sanchez on her heels.  The city residents, well the latino residents to be exact, have long demanded and wanted an hispanic community member on the dais so they may get their chance.  Who isn’t on this list, Mrs. Cervantes…I wonder why she hasn’t filed?

City Clerk

Satra Zurita has filed against incumbent Alita Goodwin.  On a weekly basis, we see Goodwin sit on the dais with a smug look of disinterest as residents come forth with issues within their city.  I was pleased she got a taste of her own medicine when Goodwin attended a school board meeting dissatisfied with the coach over at Dominguez.  The look on her face was priceless when the board proceeded to pick their nails rather than look at her.


City Treasurer

Looks like Douglas Sanders has a opponenet in Skyy Fisher.  Fisher was the youngest member ever elected to the school board and says he has the support of many community members who wants him to run.  A huge part of the job of city treasurer is investing the cities money and we are hopeful Fisher can pull this off.  Sanders is merely a name on a plate for he is rarely, if at all, at the board meetings.


All in all, it’s going to be a good year for the residents in Compton for change is coming!  Oh yeah, know of anyone who cares to run against Craig Cornwell for City Attorney (Perrodin)- he is running unopposed.

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