Women accused of killing cyclist in Gardena is daughter of a LAPD seargeant

GardenaJesse Dotson was killed by a hit and run driver who turns out to be the daughter of a LAPD sergeant.

Dotson was riding his bicycle in Gardena when twenty-two year old Vanessa Marie Yanez hit him and kept going.  She would return home to Huntington Park were she would file a police report stating her car was stolen.  Her car would later be found with damage consistent to the injuries sustained by Dotson.

Yanez told investigators she had been drinking earlier in the day but since she is charged with a hit and run there is no sobriety test to prove she was drinking and there is no evidence to even prove she was the person driving, this case may not be so cut and dry.  The only connection is she owns the car.

Arturo Yanez, Vanessa’s father, has become the subject of a LAPD Internal Affairs investigation
regarding any role he may have played in the aftermath of the fatal hit-and-run.  Sgt. Yanez was also involved in a heated confrontation with an ABC7 News crew, and is seen on tape aggressively blocking the news crew’s efforts to videotape his daughter after she was released by Gardena police.

Her bail was set at $100k but she was released on her own recognizance.  Yanez has a date to appear in court which will most likely be pushed back while the police piece together their case.

Will Ms. Yanez be brought to justice?  RIP Jesse Dotson, another cyclists life gone. #GhostRideTheBike


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