Will underutilized Inglewood Unified property become housing


Will new housing developments pop up on Inglewood Unified owned property?  That is one alternative Los Angeles Unified has explored to generate revenue.  LA School Report is reporting that the nation’s second largest district is looking at options.  Inglewood Unified (IUSD) state administrator Dr. Vincent Matthews is preparing to form an ad-hoc committee to take account of school assets, with the assumption that properties will be examined for alternative uses.  Could affordable housing be an option?

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Gregory Perlman, of GHC Housing, gave two $10,000 campaign contributions to IUSD advisory board member D’artagnan Scorza, for his successful 2015 campaign.  Perlman and Scorza have a long history.

Perlman’s All Ways Up Foundation has been awarding the Social Justice Learning Institute, of which Scorza founded, several hundred thousands of dollars towards his Black Male Youth Academy, for over the last decade.

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Perlman also owns PK Management.  The company buys dilapidated housing projects, refurbishes them and gives out scholarships to kids living in said housing.  Perlman then flips the property for profit after draining the tax benefits attached to the properties.  The state of Tennessee did not appreciate Perlman’s business savviness in this area.

Other cities have had issues with Perlman skirting local hiring policies.

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As the face of the Hollywood Park stadium initiative, Scorza is well aware that the affordable housing component was removed at the city’s request.

It is awesome that Perlman thinks highly of the programs that Scorza provides boys and men of color.  It is also outstanding that Scorza wants to see more families afford to continue living in Inglewood.

Scorza also penned an op-ed in the LA Sentinel discussing “environmental priorities” in LA County. Scorza failed to mention he was paid to promote the largest development project, in LA County, that bypassed environmental scrutiny.

In my home town of Inglewood, issues of equity run the gamut. From affordable housing and gentrification to environmental justice and the lack of access to good food. Unfortunately, the economic resurgence in Los Angeles County has not benefitted all communities equally, and there’s simply no reason why folks in our community shouldn’t have access to the same resources as those who live in more affluent places, like Beverly Hills. Through this inequity, environmental problems have become social issues by default – there are far too many people who have too little access to clean air and are forced to breathe unhealthy air that aggravates medical conditions.

IUSD property, specifically the original site of Warren Lane elementary school, is filled with hazardous waste and caused IUSD teachers to become ill.  Will this be the first property developers get their hands on?

Scorza promoted the project for $25,000 and a school board seat, then get an epiphany he cares about the environment after he helped create the conditions he disagrees with?

When asked why he supported the project, Scorza told 2 Urban Girls it was due to the community benefits like the four parks it will house.

Inglewood Mayor James Butts shared with the LA Sentinel in reference to the parks:

LAS:  True or False.  The City of Inglewood will get four public parks covering 26.1 acres and the developer will pay for the maintenance of those parks?

JTB:   The parks will be deeded to the City over time.  So that is true.  There are three acres of those parks that have security implications for the private development itself.

So 23 of those acres will be deeded to the City and the developer will absolutely pay for the maintenance of those parks.  The developer can recoup that costs if we make more than $25 million in taxes in a year from the totality of the development.  And if we never make more than $25 million in a year, there will never be a reimbursement for any of the public services that the developer provides for us.

LAS:  True or False.  The City of Inglewood will receive four acres of land for its use and that land is already valued at $8 million?

JTB:   True – its 4.5 acres and yes, its valued at $8 million.


Scorza needs to stop the double talk expeditiously.


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