Will the City of Compton lose another large employer

How many of you support your favorite organization by taking a bus ride to an Indian reservation for a fundraiser?  For $25 you can take the charter bus, participate in games, perhaps indulge in some jello shots, then gamble to your heart’s content.  You make a day of it with friends and family and come back having had a blast.  Now, how many times have you or your family planned a day to the Crystal Park Casino?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  That’s a problem for the City of Compton.

On June 4th, 2013, city manager Harold Duffey presented a letter drafted to state Senator Rod Wright, urging them to not pass AB 820.  AB 820 would add a fee to each wager placed in a card club.  The letter stated that should AB 820 pass it could ultimately force the closure of the casino and the city would lose a major source of revenue and jobs.  Duffey urged Senator Wright to vote no.  Ironically, on the July 9th, 2013 gaming commission agenda, the letter was entered on the record along with an update on the revenue received from the casino over the last year.  Unfortunately, the amounts were omitted.  AB 820 was interestingly introduced by Assemblymember Hall who is the former councilman of the city of Compton.  Would the same fate befall the city of Inglewood and the Hollywood Park Casino?

Assemblymember Hall previously supported AB 277, legislation to enhance the efforts of casinos located on Indian reservations.  Why would Hall introduce legislation that would directly affect the financial state of the city he has long represented from the school board, city council and now the state assembly?

Today, the Daily Breeze reports that law enforcement agencies are cracking down on illegal gaming activities occurring in local donut shops and internet cafes around LA County.  Assemblyman Hall has introduced eight bills regarding gaming.  2UrbanGirls reached out to Assemblyman Hall and his staff for comment on AB 820 with no response.

A comprehensive list of all bills introduced by Assemblymember Hall

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