Will Compton officials change its bad habits

imagesAs the City of Compton moves into a direction of new leadership, some things have yet to change. A quick review of the agendas for the Housing Development Commission, Public Finance Authority and Compton Gaming Commission continue to hold meetings with no agenda items, or at most, one. After the recent expose by KCET’s SoCAL Connected, were residents led to believe that the new administration would stop being paid for holding meetings that last only 6-10 minutes average?

In a recent LA Weekly article the city council were each asked what three policies should Mayor Aja Brown be addressing, of which none of them had an answer.  The reporter asked council woman Arceneaux twice, and both times reaffirmed that although the city is $40 million in the hole, Latino residents had to sue to establish voting rights, and reports of corruption, all she could say in defense was “we aren’t bankrupt”.  You could sense his frustration with her response.  The article further suggests councilwoman Zurita isn’t a Brown supporter and also hints at Isaac Galvan’s, the cities first elected Latino, absences from city council meetings.  Dr. Jones cries for more fiscal accountability.  I wonder if the residents in D4 are looking for a candidate to run against Jones?

2UrbanGirls has a suggestion. How about a policy were the council is no longer compensated for meetings they don’t attend?  Like during the month of August when no meetings are held?  Additionally, no compensation for meetings that have no agenda items?  If that money were still in the general fund, more services could be provided to the residents.

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