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imagesMike Stevens was elected to District 1 after Danny Tabor vacated the seat to make a failed attempt to become the Mayor of the City of Inglewood.  I like Mike for several reasons:  he speaks up, stands up for what he believes in and most importantly because he has the financial support of both the unions and his neighbors.

When Mike Stevens isn’t clear on a subject he asks questions.  Weren’t we taught to ask questions until we fully understand a subject?  He stands for what he believes in which is a community newspaper, The Morningside Park Chronicle, that shares city and community information with his neighbors.  Although he has come under fire for allegedly funding the paper he NEVER abandoned his position. I guess it’s too much like right to invest in the local community paper.  Inglewood City Clerk Yvonne Horton provides a weekly words of wisdom insert to Inglewood Today so why is Mike Stevens targeted for doing the same?  Would that imply the City Clerk funds Inglewood Today because she gives them content?

I believe that if voters aren’t invested in the candidates in a financial manner, then voter apathy rises.  In Mike Stevens case, he has the financial backing of the unions who endorse him along with his neighbors.  Neighbors who support your campaign will ultimately vote for you because they invested their money in your campaign.

It is because of these reasons that 2UrbanGirls is endorsing Mike Stevens for District 1.

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  1. Engaged_Inglewoodian says:

    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will say this. As the leader and representative of the people in his district, its irresponsible for him to wait until City Council meetings to ask questions to be educated on an issue on the spot. He should be knowledgable of the issues and should have done his research or at least had a staff member get him the information to read about the items on the agenda before walking into the chamber. He should be educating us on whats going on, not the other way around. Its cool to be someone who speaks out and speaks up, but when you are not educated on the issues, you usually end up speaking out incorrect information, and speaking up out of place. I, as an Inglewood resident, expect more from our local leaders. He gives himself credit for the Sound installation program when everyone who has been playing close attention knows that he’s done more harm to the process than good, getting people all riled up. In the last Morningside Park Chronicle, he gave himself credit for the 1000 homes that are going to be taken care of this year when we all know it was the Mayor who repaired the relationship with LAWA. I can go on and on about this guy. I appreciate that he does stand for something and I wont take away from him the idea that you worked his hardest for the people. Who am I to say he did if he said he did. All Im saying is that to me, what it looked like he’s done the most is just try and be a thorn in the mayors side…not ever trying to get a consensus and team together with his colleagues to get anything done for District 1. Name his accomplishments…the real ones, not the ones he says he has. Im just saying, there arent that many. Im glad 2urbanGirls is taking a stand, and thank you for giving residents the space to humbly disagree with you. Mad love nonetheless. Whoever wins, I expect much much more than we have received in the last 4 years.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      Educating his constituents is accomplished through the many town hall meetings that Mr. Stevens holds. Last night there was a debate at Zion Hill Baptist Church that only Mike Stevens attended. Apparently George Dotson was not aware for he sent his campaign manager to fill in for him. Is THAT the leadership you are looking for when a five-time candidate is too busy to debate to be elected? I expect that typical behavior from Judy Dunlap.

      Let me remind you that each district representative is elected by the people in their district and thus he speaks in the manner in which his constituents wants him too. To be quite honest, what have ANY of these elected officials accomplished in terms of growth for the city?

      What I can say is District 1 looks a whole helluva lot better aesthetically than Districts 2 and 4. Also, NO projects will move forward in the City of Inglewood without FOUR votes.

      My question to you is what the fuck has George Dotson accomplished in this city and how has he managed to serve under Vincent, Dorn, Tabor and Butts when in every other city, the incoming mayor appoints new planning commissioners? Inglewood doesn’t need YES men, we need representation that will fight for what’s best for the city as a whole. Unfortunately Dotson is not that person, if he were, he wouldn’t be on his fifth attempt at election. Residents would have BEEN voted him in…marinate on that one my friend LOL.

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