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untitledWith the Trayvon Martin murder trial is coming to a close, the world was introduced to Florida’s Stand Your Ground (SYG) law.  Stand Your Ground allows individuals to use deadly force if they fear assault.  As George Zimmerman is a known law enforcement aficionado, he is very aware of not only the law but could have also been aware of other SYG cases that occurred both before and during his trial.  The media have carefully avoided shedding light on the cases of Marissa Alexander and Ralph Wald.

In 2010 Marissa Alexander, a black female, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for shooting a warning shot at her abusive husband and step children.  Although Alexander’s husband had a history of domestic violence against her, on the day in question, Alexander fled the house only to return to point a gun at her husband.  As she tried to invoke SYG, the judge and jurors concluded that once Alexander left the home she was no longer in danger, when she returned with a gun it made her the aggressor.  Had she never returned inside the house, she would be a free woman today.

In May 2013 Ralph Wald, a white man, was acquitted of murdering his wifes lover citing the SYG law insisting he believed his wife was being raped.  Walter Conley, the 32-year-old ex-boyfriend of Wald’s wife, was also her employee and lived next door to them.  She insisted she was “blacked out” from being drunk and as Wald walked into the room he claimed he didn’t recognize Conley.  Wald called 911 to report a man “fornicating” with his wife and said “he hope he died” but a jury acquitted him of murder in less than two hours.  Walter Conley was also white.

George Zimmerman and his family are not sequestered and the Alexander and Wald trials were big media draws in Florida, therefore, what is the likelihood that Zimmerman used the Wald case to support his own?  The other issue is George Zimmerman’s gun was loaded with hollow point bullets which cause more damage than typical bullets.  Poor Trayvon Martin didn’t stand a chance.

Are members of the NAACP and/or the ACLU interested in working towards amending this law?



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