Inglewood Unified School District is still waiting for LAWA noise mitigation funds to be released

IUSDIt looks like Inglewood Unified School District is dead set on paying TELACU for services out of the Measure K fund and they are NOT listed as a vendor, EVER, during the duration of the building of the Beulah Payne structure.

In October 2012 LaTanya Kirk-Carter requrested the “professional services” of TELACU Constructions, a HUGE campaign contributor to State Superintendent Tom Torlakson’s re-election campaign for 2014.

Although BASE Architects has been providing LAWA noise mitigation consulting to the district, Kirk-Carter brought them on to do the same work.

According to previous IUSD board meeting minutes, Inglewood Unified School District has NEVER received LAWA funding.  All work being done for “noise mitigation” is being charged to Measure K and the Measure K funds will be 100% reimbursed once LAWA approved the PFC application.

What is the PFC application?  The application is part of a settlement with LAWA stemming back to the 1980’s.  Lennox School District received a lump sum payment of $2.5 million dollars to waive future litigation, against LAWA, for the noise generated by the schools being under the flight path.  In 2004, it was found that noise levels increased.  The City of LA settled with both Lennox and Inglewood to provide over $100 million to each school district, to be paid out over a ten year span.

The FAA refused to release the funds citing the 1980 agreement and it took the action of Congress, specifically Jane Harmon and Diane Feinstein, to ensure the funds are released to the school.

On October 2, 2008, Congress passed Public Law 110-337 which authorized the use of PFC funds for noise mitigation activities provided by the 2005 Inglewood Unified School District Settlement Agreement as long as certain listed requirements are met as outlined in amended 49 United States Code, Section 40117(b)7(A).

In June, the Board of Airport Commissioners met to approve the PFC application.  The proposed effective date- June 1, 2019.

Is this why the district was taken over, to control the hundreds of millions of dollars coming in through LAWA and Measure GG?  By bringing TELACU onto the IUSD payroll, ensures Torlakson’s campaign coffers stay liquid to ward off Marshall Tuck and the Waltons.




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