Is Inglewood Councilmember George Dotson ensuring his constituents receive RSI windows

Things that make you go hmmm....

Things that make you go hmmm….

In April 1985 Inglewood city council approved Lusk Co. to develop the site adjacent to the Forum and build the Carlton Square gated community.  The community sits directly underneath the flight path as Carlton Square borders Manchester Blvd, 90th St. Kareem Court and 85th St. 

Carlton Square was called utopic and free from gang elements.  Then mayor Ed Vincent, school board President Lois Hill-Hale, entertainer Marla Gibbs, and others in lucrative business and professional careers made up the residents of both of the cities gated communities: Briarwood and Carlton Square.

Lusk Co. ceremoniously delivered a $100k check to a council meeting in 1987, earmarked for the Inglewood Unified School District.  This donation was sparked because the City Council granted approval for Lusk Co. to build Carlton Square before the school board passed a resolution imposing fees on new developments to help pay for schools.

In 1984 LAWA approved FAA Part 150 Airport Noise Compatibility Plan for LAX.  Inglewood was responsible for recycling and sound insulation of noise impacted properties.  Inglewood USD didn’t receive LAWA funds due to Lennox School District waiving their rights in 1980 to receive a cash payout.  Does anyone know if the FAA ever enacted H.R. 6285 to release the $118 million earmarked for Inglewood?  IUSD officials have been paying LAWA contractors out of Measure K funds for LAWA activities, with the hopes of reimbursing Measure K once LAWA funds comes, despite the 109th congress failing to release the funds citing the 1980 By 1986 Inglewood had received more than $50 million dollars for RSI.  So why are we STILL soundproofing homes?

With Carlton Square being approved in 1985, these homes are exempt from receiving RSI grant funding.  Shouldn’t the builder have been responsible for making sure the windows met the new standards?   Who was responsible for the oversight of the development?  Did our former mayor(s) not instruct city personnel responsible for checking for compliance fall directly under the Inglewood city council’s authority?

Prior to Ed Vincent and Roosevelt Dorn we had Merle Mergell and Leroy (Lee) Weinstein.

Why aren’t the current council members fighting to get Inglewood residents, especially those in Carlton Square, living DIRECTLY UNDER THE FLY PATH, get their soundproofing windows?  Oops, D1 residents voted THAT councilman off the dais.

There is a possible remedy for the Carlton Square residents.  Lusk & Company STILL exists and inquiries can be made into why the development isn’t up to code.

It is critical to note that in the late 70’s politicians saw the demographics changing to primarily black.  Banks redlining process enabled white flight which caused them to lose office.  They made deals to ensure financial inequity of blacks.  Annexing of land, redistricting, all ways to take our prosperity.

We can say that USC is very happy for the Lusk Center for Real Estate that received endowments from the Lusk family since 1980.

USC has an annual endowment of $3.2 billion.

Councilmember George Dotson is having his first town hall meeting on November 2nd at the
First Church of God, 9550 Crenshaw Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305.  Will he knows the cities fiscal cycle this go round.  Come out and ask him about your windows.

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