Why Aja Brown will be a great Mayor for Compton

Mayor-Elect Aja Brown

Mayor-Elect Aja Brown

If you are a regular reader, you are aware that I supported Omar Bradley for Mayor, but I also believe that Aja Brown will make a great Mayor.  For three reasons: she understands land use, she will bring in much-needed businesses and primarily because she will actually clean up Compton.

Part of Compton’s greatest blight comes from the outrageous amount of abandoned lots that are brown and dying.  Those lots my friends are former sites where drilling/fracking was taking place.

Yes, many developers won’t develop for the land is too contaminated to clean up.  With Mrs. Brown founding and authoring the cities “Clean Compton Brownfield Program” which has the full support of the U.S. EPA,  Compton has been able to identify all of the brownfield sites within the City of Compton and was able to excavate three 10,000 Gallon Underground Tanks at abandoned gas stations in Compton.

The $1.3 million project will be used to assess contamination; paving the way for revitalization and job creation in community. Aja holds approximately 10 years of experience in managing environmental site remediation projects for cities, which have led to the procurement and leveraging of millions in grant funding toward the reclamation vital land to local communities.

Once Mrs. Brown is able to clean the land and make better use of it, businesses will be begging to come back to Compton.  This will also create much-needed jobs in the city which will also bring about revenue to bring back sports programs, facade program and perhaps some Section 8 funding.  She was correct that Compton’s image to outsiders was beyond poor, with TEAM VISION in place, outsiders see a clearer vision of what Compton can truly become.

First order of business, replacing the current City Manager and stiffer regulation of Demenno/Kerdoon.

Welcome aboard, it’s going to be a fabulous four years!  If you are interested in getting more information on Brownfield’s, attend a community meeting in Gardena on June 20th from 3:30-5pm at the Gardena Municipal Transportation Facility at 13999 S. Western Ave.  RSVP (310) 217-9645

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