Who got paid to “promote” the sales tax initiative in Compton


As the Los Angeles County Registrar and Recorders office continues to count votes, residents are counting city hall staffers, and convicted felons, who were paid to promote the city sponsored measure.  

Dear Fellow Supporters:

The YES Measure P 1% sales tax campaign amassed at least $54,150 in contributions, with notably few payments for services made to businesses within the City of Compton. The campaign had a need for printing services, signs, mailings, banks, post offices, and consultant services, but apparently these services which are available within Compton were insufficient for the Mayor and the YES campaign’s needs. How ironic while touting being “pro-Compton” that neither her funding nor services used for Measure P came from within Compton. And while the majority of businesses voiced concerns the higher sales tax would send customers to neighboring cities, they don’t have to worry about this changing the Mayor’s pattern as she already does not use majority Compton services.

This listing also points out the disparity between access to resources and consultants of the YES campaign versus the grass roots effort of neighborhood opponents. The ability of the NO ON MEASURE P campaign to come anywhere within the vicinity of the YES campaign given such overwhelming odds speaks to the fact Compton residents do not want this tax but this election has been bought and paid for. Also of note, some say, is a name included on her payments as one being associated with past election controversies. YES on Measure P was clearly compelled forward by outside forces

The total cost paid according to the listing below so far is $23,547.22 without anticipated payments still outstanding such as for the barrage of radio ads. Payments to Compton addresses right now represent just $2750 or 11% of this, predicted to be even less after radio ads are factored later. Here is a list of payments reported by the YES on Measure P Campaign as of the end of May 2016.


$500 Basil Kimbrew
Moreno Valley, CA
$5,545.86 Mailing Pros
Huntington Beach, CA
$4,670.00 Emme Free Agency
(Melissa Freeny)
Carson, CA
$2,765.84 US Postmaster
Huntington Beach, CA
$2,305 Gould & Orellana LLC
(Campaign Compliance)
Long Beach, CA
$1,973.70 Cogs South Signs
Santa Ana, CA
$1,625 Mad Mac Foundation
(Campaign Literature and Mailings)
Compton, CA
$1,250 Jasmyne Cannick
(Public Relations)
Los Angeles, CA
$1,196.82 Non-Stop Printing
Los Angeles, CA
$625 Gregory Pitts
Gregory Pitts for Compton School Board 2015
Compton, CA
$500 Ronald Green
Compton, CA
$330 Target Marketing
Mission Viejo, CA
$200 3D Strategies
(Phone Bank)
Carson, CA
$50 Secretary of State
Sacramento, CA
$10 California Bank & Trust
Los Angeles, CA

* YES Contribution payments as officially reported Under Campaign ID # 1376099–Elevate Compton, Elevate Compton in Support of Measure P, Elevate Public Servants to Leadership

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