Who funded the YES on Measure P Campaign


The YES Measure P 1% sales tax campaign amassed at least $54,150* in contributions of which only $1,425 was listed as being from Compton. Overwhelmingly contributions came from addresses outside of Compton to guarantee a win using slick branding, radio ads, multiple 4-color glossy mailers, videos, consultants, a professional office with a phone bank, a super abundance of signs, multiple social media sites, and even animation.  A convicted felon is also knee deep in the mix.

On the other hand, the NO on Measure P campaign was grassroots fought by Compton citizens pooling their pennies and coming out their pockets to buy flyers, robo-calls, mailers, a few signs immediately taken down, a last minute Facebook page and online campaign, and walking door-to-door with offices out the back of cars.
The City of Compton sent out an informational mailer and held a series of some describe as “Pro-Yes” Town Hall meetings. The disparity in funding and its sources between the two groups made some observe Measure P was stacked in favor of big business and unions against its own citizens. Yet others commented that “Compton is not for sale.” At last report, the NO ON MEASURE P grassroots campaign was holding with 50.49% vs 49.51%.
International Financial Solutions, is led by a convicted felon, Craig Walker, who was exposed during the recent mayoral elections in St. Louis, Missouri and who regularly attends Compton city council meetings to proclaim the city is good financial standing.
$1,500.00 LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
$1,000.00 Vision for Compton: Elect Aja Brown for Mayor of Compton 2017
Long Beach, CA
$2,500.00 International Financial Solutions Inc.
  Full Service Public Finance Solutions/Municipal Offerings
  Atlanta, GA
$10,000.00 SEIU Union Local 721
Los Angeles, CA
$10,000.00 Laborers Intl Union of North America Local 2309 PAC
Lakewood, CA
$5,025.00 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
AFL-CIO Union Council 36 PAC
Los Angeles, CA
$5,000.00 Fubar Properties LLC
Los Alamitos, CA
$5,000.00 Celebrity Casinos, Inc.
Owner, Crystal Park Casino
Compton, CA
$5,000.00 Ron’s (Norman) Maintenance, Inc.
Catch basin and storm drain inspection and maintenance
Downey, CA
$3,500.00 Sonnycal Development Company
Same address as Alameda Court Compton HOA
El Monte, CA
$2,000.00 Ram V Property Management
El Monte, CA
$1,000.00 Gateway Science and Engineering, Inc.
Engineering Services
Pasadena, CA
$1,000.00 American Curvet Investments LLC
Same address as Crystal Hotel
Compton, CA
$1,625.00 Individual Contributors:
Jackson, Mississippi and Compton, Rosewood, and LA, California
Compton residents contributing no greater than $425.00 of this.
* YES Contribution statements as officially reported Under Campaign ID #7376099:
Elevate Compton, Elevate Compton in Support of Measure P, Elevate Public Servants to Leadership


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Mr Wright says:

    rumor is this city manager wants out. but he want to be let go, so he can get paid like all the rest.

  2. Robert Ray says:

    City records will show that city manager Roger Haley, against the vote of the council, spent nearly $100,000 of taxpayer’s money to ‘educate’ the people about measure “P”. Just imagine how many potholes could have been filled with all the money spent promoting “P”. I also want to commend the 25% of the registered voters in Compton who came out to vote. In a normal, local election, only about 12% – 13% of voters bother to vote. This proves the old adage, “every vote counts”, when the results are separated by only 1%. I want to personally thank everyone who voted NO on “P”. In my opinion, Compton will be better off without this additional 1% sales tax.

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