Where we screaming for Gun Control then?

Recent tragic events have people calling for gun control and stricter access to those who have mental issues, or are considered crazy.  The problem with stricter access for these folks are crazy, mentally ill persons are all around us, trying to regulate them too would be a colossal FAIL!  Why? Crazy can’t be quantified through a laboratory.  Crazy can’t be cured, only subdued through medication.  Crazy is a state of mind, as is terrorism.  Crazy can be turned on/off at a moments notice.  Crazy is a spontaneous, knee jerk reaction that can not neither be controlled or anticipated.

The government is already regulating when we can drive, drink alcohol, vote, work, pay taxes, who we can marry and raise a family with and now you want them to regulate my right to own a gun because of the acts of isolated idiots? I think not!

The Black Panther Party invade the State Assembly Chamber in Sacramento May 1967  (video)

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