Where is the love for Gloria D. Gray?

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Inglewood,CA-  Gloria D. Gray is a lifelong District 1 resident of the City of Inglewood.  She has served on the Inglewood Board of Education, appointed to the Inglewood Neighborhood Housing Services board, won multiple terms to the West Basin water board and has been appointed to various water agency advocacy groups.  With all of her experience, she doesn’t appear to have much support from her colleagues, as she prepares to run for the 62nd Assembly.  She is up against Betsy Butler, Autumn Burke and Eloy Morales Jr.

In the most recent edition of the Morningside Park Chronicle, an Inglewood District 1 focused newspaper, their December 6th edition included an article titled “Betsy Butler for 62nd Assembly”.  The article touts her as a fierce defender of our environment who will not take campaign contributions from oil companies.

The official newspaper of the CIty of Inglewood, Inglewood Today, ran a front page story titled “Christmas for All in Inglewood” with an accompanying photo of Gray’s fellow candidate Autumn Burke.  The elder Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke recently appeared on campaign mailers in support of Sebastian Ridley-Thomas for the 54th Assembly (th 54th & 62nd are close neighbors).

Her list of supporters do not include any current Inglewood elected officials, they are confident in their supporting of Eloy Morales Jr., but rather a few electeds from Carson and Gardena, with at least one having a current contract with West Basin’s Local Consultants Network to promote Water Reliability 2020.

Word on the streets is Gray is having a tough time fundraising and many are not hopeful she will have the minimum amount of $100k when financials are disclosed in the December 31st filing period.

2UrbanGirls reached out to Gray’s campaign to get more insight to her protection of our environment, specifically the West Basin Water Reliability 2020 project to turn ocean water into drinkable water, and through her spokesperson Dallas Fowler, she declined, stating she would only comment on her current campaign for assembly and if the questions were posed to all candidates.

The question is what campaign?

If you are interested in contributing towards her candidacy, you may do so at

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