Where are Compton’s Measure R Funds

measure rThe City of Compton residents are extremely pissed about the conditions of the surface streets throughout the city. Every meeting they complain to the council regarding the outrageous number of potholes that litter the streets.

Back in January 2012 that the city was initially cited by MTA for the commingling of funds and possible use of Measure R funds for ineligible projects.  The city was required to open separate bank accounts for both Measure R and Prop C funds.  This is imperative for Measure R funds are to cover street repairs.

Where are the Measure R funds and why weren’t they spent on repairing Compton’s dilapidated roads?  Did the cities Measure R funds mysteriously burn in the fire station across from city hall?

[ City Council Agenda January 3, 2012 ]

About Measure R

In November 2008, Measure R was approved by an amazing two-thirds majority,  committing a projected $40 billion to traffic relief and transportation upgrades  throughout the county over the next 30 years.

Some of Measure R’s most immediate  benefits will be for the 88 cities in Los Angeles County. In the first full year  of implementation, local jurisdictions are expected to receive a total of over  $100 million for their transportation needs.

These funds may be put to  work by cities for projects such as pothole repairs, major street resurfacing,  left-turn signals, bikeways, pedestrian improvements, streetscapes, traffic  signal synchronization and local transit services.


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