When Selling School Property Comes Back to Bite You in the Ass

Hermosa BeachHermosa Beach City School Districts are having an student capacity issue.  They are over capacity by approx 300 students with no additional classrooms to decrease student teacher ratio.  Wow!

At one point Hermosa Beach City School District officials thought it would be a good idea to reduce the number of schools due to declining school enrollment.  School property was sold to the city and as a result they operate with only two schools.  No one planned for enrollment to increase which brought about additional safety concerns.  What do they do with all of the extra students?

Inglewood USD faced the same issue of over crowded classrooms due to declining enrollment, but our district applied for and received a waiver from officials saying it wouldn’t pose a safety risk.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of this issue within Hermosa Beach for we are all aware the school doesn’t have a large minority population, thus those good white folks are definitely going to make a stink about this.

I am hopeful that Inglewood USD officials take this into consideration as well.  I asked the interim state appointed administrator LaTanya Kirk-Carter what would happen to Inglewood residents tax money should the district “vaporize” as the Daily Breeze’s Rob Kuznia reported.  You may recall that Inglewood residents approved a bond measure for $90 million dollars to repair the districts schools.  Should our district go under, and the bonds are already sold, are Inglewood residents entitled to a refund?  Kirk-Carter’s response, “…CDE legal is working on it but its not a front burner issue…”

Read the full article on Hermosa Beaches “woes” here

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