When pulling the race card doesn’t work


Shame on newly elected Los Angeles council member Marqueece Harris-Dawson.  After spending more than a decade working to eradicate liquor stores, in South Los Angeles, that caused a detriment to the community, he has chosen to ignore standing for his community, as he has made a name for himself prior to election.  Once again he has shown that his “care” for the community’s best interest is wavering.  

In today’s print edition of the Los Angeles Wave I read a blaring headline “LAPD accused of targeting black nightclubs”.   According to testimony provided by a club owner, his club caters to black and Latino customers and owners say LAPD is making it hard for them to stay open.  What they should be saying is: my business is causing a nuisance to the community.

Interestingly the headline blared about black nightclubs being targeted but the entire story related to a Latino business owner.

Cosmo owner Alberto Alvarez appeared before the Planning and Land Use Management Committee August 16th, to appeal a decision to withdraw his clubs operating permit.  It is not clear whether Alvarez was in the process of renewing his license or being called in to address a laundry list of issues related to his club, commonly defined as being a nuisance to the community.

Between 2014 and 2016, the Los Angeles Police Department reported:

  • 24 arrests made in a 15 month period between Jan 2015 and April 2016
  • 19 arrests between Jan 2014 and February 2016
  • 12 criminal charges between October 2014 and March 2016

The zoning department, which operates under the Planning Division, presented 14 violations of the 36 conditions placed on Cosmo, in order to continue operating.

Instead of the LA Wave applauding the closure of a business bringing crime to the community andMHD-intro harm to patrons and residents, the Wave is playing the race card, which isn’t cool.  They also refused to identify the “only council member” who opposed the ruling which is Councilman Harris-Dawson.

2 Urban Girls reached Harris-Dawson’s communications manager Ashley Thomas, who provided this comment on behalf of the councilman.

He voted against shutting down the business due to a lack of evidence presented by the Planning Department,” said Thomas.

According to the LA City website, the zoning department falls under Planning, who did present a compelling case for the withdrawal of the clubs permit to operate.

The previous incident 2 Urban Girls discovered Harris-Dawson flip flopping on is his approval of a liquor license shortly after being elected.  When asked about his vote in favor of the license, his former communications director had “no comment”.


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