When Budget Cuts go Wrong

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A week or so ago, there was an officer involved shooting on Crenshaw Blvd. near 113rd St.  During a routine traffic stop, an Inglewood PD officer was shot by those he was pulling over.  That night was a normal evening.  As always, I stopped at the 76 station before heading home.  I feel particularly safe, getting fuel and/or snacks in the late hours due to the regular traffic and comings and goings of frequent customers.  It doesn’t hurt that behind the bank is Wells Fargo and Chase is across the street.  So imagine my amazement to find out that the person(s) who shot this cop GOT AWAY!

Crenshaw Blvd has fairly decent traffic after 9pm.  Occasional buses will roll through, there is an overwhelming police presence on Imperial Highway, at any given time of the day, so how did the shooter get away with so many cameras on this intersections?

To begin with, there are no outdoor/perimeter cameras near the t-shirt store/brolly hut strip.  Across the street at Chase, those cameras are pointing  towards the entrance of the bank.  Jack in the Box has cameras facing the drive thru lane, but are pointing north.
We know those cameras that are randomly flashing at Crenshaw & Imperial don’t work.  Those cameras start snapping when you have the right of way on a greenn light.  That leaves the lone camera on the block, which could have caught the shooters and their license plate, located in the front of Wells Fargo.  By the time the 11pm news came on, I just knew we would have a description of the characters and their car.  Nope.  Nothing was mentioned.  I thought, perhaps they have the info and know who the perps are and would apprehend them by morning.  Nope.  By morning, there was still a visible police presence searching, but no luck.

I just KNEW that taking into consideration that the cops stopped them on the westside of Crenshaw, while they where traveling southbound, the Wells Fargo camera was sure to have some information.  Nope, the camera didn’t see a thing.  Why? (In my opinion) The tree leaves  where in the damn way!

Needless to say, my security has been compromised.  Not because of the criminal activity in the area, but knowing that something this simple has kept a crime from being resolved is disturbing.  It is rare that you see the City of Inglewood trimming trees, on commercial streets, on a regular basis.  Normally tree trimming activities are restricted to residential areas and main thoroughfares within the city.  This issue of the trees blocking the view of the cameras is of no apparent concern of Wells Fargo, seeing that the position of the camera serves the sole purpose of identifying those who choose to rob the bank.  Chances are, if they do their dirt in the evening, they too, wont be caught.  Lets hope we find a resolve to our budget crisis soon, the safety and security of the city are depending on it.

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