What’s the Big Deal: L.A. County Supervisor’s Car Wash Schedule

imageAre we really concerned about how often the L.A. County Board of Supervisors wash the county’s pool of vehicles?  2 Urban Girls has received no less than a dozen google alerts detailing the frequency our board elected’s wash their county owned vehicles.  Is this overkill?  They are actually doing what a local water provider wants the public to do.

Of course it is well-known the State of California has officially declared a drought, yet it hasn’t stopped L.A. County residents from watering lawns, in broad daylight, nor have they stopped washing their personal vehicles in either their driveway or yard.  This is where water is truly wasted.

Journalist Mike Reicher, of LA Daily News Group, has authored a couple of articles on this topic and has included pictures of vehicles being washed, inside of a garage.  What he has failed to convey to readers, is this is what a local water provider is encouraging the public to do.


Water provider, West Basin, is in full swing of their Water Reliability 2020 campaign, which encourages the use of car wash facilities, to wash your vehicles.

The Ocean Safe Car Wash program, offers car wash coupons, to participating car wash companies, to receive discounts on services, as opposed to wasting water washing at home.

Kudos to the supervisors for having an in-house facility that meets the standards of the West Basin program.  They get it!

To get more information on either Water Reliability 2020 or the Ocean Safe Car Wash program, and download your own coupons, visit


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