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The past couple of weeks have been turbulent, to the say the least, over at the Compton Unified School District.  Recently elected Board Trustee Skyy Fisher, has created a firestorm with his recent comments surrounding: Trayvon Martin, Karen Frison the Interim CCUSD Superintendent and a latino female student who is currently in litigation against the district amid her claims of sexual assault by one of her teachers.  The community as a whole is rightly outraged by Mr. Fishers comments and have called for his immediate resignation.  This past Tuesday, May 8th, the Board held a special meeting to address the “Skyy Fisher Incident” and not only respond to the community on their stance on his future with the Board but allowed the residents and community leaders to have their voices heard in regards to his comments made during an internet radio podcast (audio).  The Board was clear that they too wanted Skyy Fisher to resign, but Board President Margie Shipp commented she has been in contact with Mr. Fisher and he is adamant about not resigning.

Mr. Fisher has offered his apologies and issued an official statement asking for a 60 day leave of absence from the Board to “focus on a range of personal and health issues” and it is his intent to remain a Trustee.  Many community leaders have weighed in on these recent events with Najee Ali, community activist, Concerned Citizens of Compton Inc.  and the Compton NAACP are leading the way for a recall of Mr. Fisher.  When we spoke with Mr. Ali we asked if it would be difficult to obtain the amount of signatures needed to proceed, he stated, “I am very confident we will get the signatures needed to recall Skyy and our efforts will be successful.”  Many turned out to speak at the meeting with the majority of the speakers demanding his resignation.

Mr. Fisher has made attempts to do some damage control by appearing on the popular KJLH Radio Show Front Page, hosted by Dominique DiPrima, where he was able to give his side of the story as well as have the general public call in to voice support and concerns (audio).  Based on the response of the callers and the host, many remain in support of Mr. Fisher and are ready to forgive him.  He has also hired Jasmyne Cannick, a local activist and former staff member of Congresswoman Laura Richardson, has been brought in to help with PR.  This single action brought the harshest criticism from Betty Pleasant over at The SoulVine, where she points out the many reasons why Cannick should be protesting Mr. Fisher and not supporting him.  Especially taking into consideration his recent comments are normally offensive to Ms. Cannick.

At this time it is unclear whether the CCUSD Board of Trustees has formally approved Mr. Fishers 60 day leave of absence, but what is clear is a resolution was passed that censures Mr. Fisher and hopefully this is an example to all that the tongue is mightier than the sword.  The people will not tolerate our elected officials speaking in derogatory manners about persons with regard to their race, culture and sexual orientation.  What are your thoughts on whether Mr. Fisher should resign?

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