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whats_the_big_deal_photo2-770x294What’s the big deal today?  A sugar bear has a panic attack.  These feet ain’t made for walking (anymore).  This musician may finally move out of his van and into a bed and the saga continues over the NFL (possibly) coming to Inglewood.

Marion “Suge” Knight appeared at the Compton Courthouse this morning and was led out to the hospital.  Apparently he had a panic attack due to the “shock and awe” of the reality he will never see the light of day again, as a free man. Long time lawyer, David Kenner, will be representing him.

James Robertson is overwhelmed with the countries kindness.  It was reported the Detroit resident walks 21 miles to and from work because he hasn’t been able to afford a car.  He has since received well over $200,000 in donations to buy one.  He says he wants a Ford Taurus.  Haha…Mr. Robertson is definitely built “Ford Tough”.

Sylvester “Sly” Stone has been living out of his van, near Leimert Park, for some time now.  It was announced today he will receive $5 million in back royalties due him.

Not everyone in Inglewood is happy about the possibility of the NFL coming to town.  In 2004 the city council and community celebrated the defeat of the “Walmart Initiative” or as we saw it, big business and now we have a new initiative to ponder.

I personally don’t live in the immediate area surrounding the Forum or the proposed stadium but my family does.  They are primarily concerned about the traffic and already complain about increased traffic on Century Blvd.  Don’t get them started on their not having soundproof windows, but, as the saying goes:  people lie, numbers don’t.  A couple of residents have spoken out though.  One chose to write their concerns and the other went on the radio.  Mayor Butts and Gerard McCallum (Hollywood Park/Wilson Meany) did not appear on the broadcast but the mayor responded to those concerns during the Fred Roggin Show.


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