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 (Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times / July 2, 2013)

(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times / July 2, 2013)

2UrbanGirls is disappointed in the recent articles published on the antics of newly elected and first Latino ever on the Compton city council, Mr. Issac Galvan.

I knew he was up to know good when he was at NAEJA’s candidates forum texting and fidgeting with his cell phone on the dais.  He appeared to not be that smart when offering to donate his salary, and coming up with funds out of his OWN pockets to trim CITY OWNED TREES and the Compton unions didn’t jump all over that?  He basically called them out on not doing their job. I guess they couldn’t since he was only a regular citizen at the time.

2 Urban Girls did endorse this man over Ms. Dobson based on the current state of Compton.  But lo and behold, Isaac Galvan is reportedly up to the same bullshit as some of his preceding council members.

Galvan doesn’t do his homework for why did he hire someone with an inappropriate past and ties to a scandal in a neighboring city?  Galvan hasn’t reported how his campaign was financed.  Of course that only carries a fine, but to base your campaign on doing right by the citizens and admonishing those before him, what makes him think that Compton doesn’t see him for who he really is?

From the LA Times to the LA Weekly, the reporters speak of his unwillingness to be truthful and forthright on simple questions such as how long he lived in Compton and where was he born?  Even Latino periodicals are wavering in their support of him.

How did Isaac Galvan slip through the gates.  Compton residents were too distracted by Omar Bradley returning to the race.

As the city tries to move forward and repair their image, Mr. Galvan has a lot of nerve to be up to shenanigans and not on the job a full ninety days.  How do you feel about these recent allegations towards Mr. Galvan?

On a positive note, Compton will host its first EVER Farmers Market in September.

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