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waterThe Federal governments U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced TODAY it is taking drought measures based on the back to back driest years near the Colorado River.  It continues to not receive enough  water, based on the snow packs melting of the Colorado Rockies, so possible solutions included Arizona and Nevada have a 50/50 chance of having their water supply severly reduced by 2016.

Why is this of importance to me and you?  You remember that story I told you last week after I attended a free tour of a water recycling facility?  California also receives water from the Colorado River, and surely if they will cut water to the other happiest place on Earth, Las Vegas, how long before we have to make adjustments?

There are towns in both New Mexico and Texas with dry wells.  The debate continues on whether fracking is harming our water, when all research says it does.  Now we have the Colorado river supplying seven states, with two destined for reduction?  Also, don’t be afraid to use your computer or smartphone to read news in other cities/states.  Water is an issue ALL OVER the WORLD!

Its time for you all to sign up for the free Water 101 class, conducted by West Basin Municipal Water District, to learn ways to conserve water.  Tours are FREE but you must RSVP.

Call 310-660-6200 to reserve your spot on an upcoming tour.

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