Arrogant CEO drinks bottled water during press conference addressing water contamination crisis

The CEO of Freedom Industries, the company at the root of more than 300,000 West Virginians without access to tap water, arrogantly sipped bottled water during a live press conference discussing the extent of the chemical spill.

Freedom Industries Gary Southern sips bottled water as West Virginia residents have gone days without tap water. (photo: Daily Mail Online 2014)

Freedom Industries Gary Southern sips bottled water as West Virginia residents have gone days without tap water. (photo: Daily Mail Online 2014)

Freedom Industries Gary Southern faced an angry local reporter due to his arrogance and abruptness when asked questions as to what was going on.  The Daily Mail is reporting Southern made several attempts to leave the interview, before answering questions on how much longer the residents would go without water.

The Daily Mail reports that water conditions are so dire that residents can not even bathe, let alone drink the water.  The chemical spill occurred last Thursday following complaints to West Virginia American Water about a licorice-type odor in the tap water. The source: the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, which had leaked out of a 40,000-gallon tank at a Freedom Industries facility along the Elk River.

State officials said on Saturday they believe about 7,500 gallons leaked. Some of the chemical was contained before flowing into the river; it’s not clear exactly how much entered the water supply.

AllenCo facility shut down in University Park. ((photo:  KPCC)

AllenCo facility shut down in University Park. ((photo: KPCC)

Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to the activities in both University Park, with AllenCo, and the  Inglewood Oil Field, operated by Freeport-McMoRan, where residents complain of cracked foundations and cracks in their homes.  A recent article featured on StreetsblogLA website stated:


Several years ago in Indonesia, a New York Times investigation found that the [Freeport-McMoRan] corporation had paid high-ranking members of the military (which had a terrible history of human rights violations) millions in bribes to shield the corporation from pressure to clean up their mining practices at the Grasberg Gold Mine in Papua. All while they used the region’s rivers as dumps for millions of tons of their mine waste, devastating the local ecosystem (see images of the mine here or here).

Is this why the Compton Creek, La Ballona Wetlands and the LA River are always in need of federal funding for cleanups?
As a MoveOn #FrackingFighter I am asking you to sign this petition in support of ending fracking in the Inglewood Oil Field.  Our water is depending on you.
Stop FRACKING around in the Inglewood Oil Field @moveon

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