Welcome to Inglewood Unified School District Dr. Brann

IUSDWelcome to Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) Dr. Brann.  As a former educator in neighboring Wiseburn School District, you have first hand knowledge regarding the serious decline in education provided to the students of the IUSD. Many of the parents have removed their children after elementary school to attend middle & high school in your former district.

That is due to the non-existent curriculum that continues a path of excellence once leaving the primary level.  IUSD is home to many distinguished schools, which coincidentally, are all elementary grade level.  IUSD has yet to see a middle or high school achieve such a distinguished honor.

Our district is over 50% Latino, with many of the students parents speaking limited to no english.  Title III funds are used to cover food for DELAC meetings instead of providing much-needed ESL classes to enable better communication with their child and their teacher.  Language immersion needs to be integrated into the middle school curriculum pronto!  If not at the elementary level as a specialized program offered in either ASES or Leap after school programs, would definitely encourage parents to retain their children in the district.

Science and technology should have been introduced years ago in unison with neighboring districts showing success in engaging students to increase participation through innovative teaching programs.  IUSD students are entering college forced to take remedial english and math since they aren’t being properly taught.  How sad is that?

Are you an educator that will further deteriorate the IUSD?  Many of the charters in Wiseburn were independent which means ADA funds go directly to the school and can bypass the district.  This would further explain why board members are volunteers and not paid since there is not a full district budget to cover that expense.  Our former interim administrator was assigned security detail for a threat but remains on the payroll without protection.  Will the community now see you with security?  As you can see those “threats” are obviously baseless if the state will allow the former interim to remain in a hostile environment without security.

Overall, the parents, students, community of Inglewood along with the IUSD personnel have tremendously high hopes that you will turn things around for our students.  Their lives are depending on it.


A concerned mother, parent, District Advisory Committe elected member of Monroe Middle School, Former PTA elected at Bennett-Kew Elementary, small business owner and community blogger

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