Watts icon endorses TWO candidates for the SAME Senate seat

imageA longtime activist, in the Watts community, is highly regarded in the political community.  Her endorsements have assisted many candidates win their campaigns.  Strangely, she has endorsed two candidates running for the 35th Senate District race.  She also happens to sit on an important oversight committee in the neighboring city of Compton.

“Sweet” Alice Harris is a beloved figure in Watts, CA.  She has hosted many giveaways to the children of Watts and has assisted with their learning about money, via a partnership with a local credit union.

On December 1, 2015, after her latest Thanksgiving event, both Steve Bradford and Warren Furutani, sent out press releases, exalting her endorsement.  Both attended her Thanksgiving event and posted pictures on their social media accounts showing Sweet Alice lots of love.

“Steve Bradford represents the proven leadership that we need in the 35th District.” Harris said on Branford’s release.

“Warren Furutani is a real leader we can count on.  We’re gonna get him to the [35th] seat.” Harris exclaimed in Furutani’s release.

The community is still waiting to see who state leaders, for the 62nd and 64th Assembly District, will endorse in the June 2016 primary.

Meanwhile in Compton, city council members are publicly questioning how the Successor Agency is disposing of city property and loudly pondering why the broker is selling it at below market value.

Sweet Alice sits on the oversight committee, for many years, which approves the successor agencies actions regarding property disposal and expenses, that are submitted to council and the State, for reimbursement.

Compton residents wonder why she sits on their oversight committee and question who she is truly endorsing.

The 35th Senate District includes Carson, Compton, Gardena, Inglewood, Watts and Willowbrook.

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    The problem with the Successor Agency is Dr. Kofi. Ever since this man was put in charge of the CRA and now the ‘Agency’, he has cost the city millions of dollars. While director of the CRA he couldn’t buy these properties fast enough. He said he had developers for these properties but five years later, these properties are still vacant lots. He knocked down houses, a business and a church to get one large property and now can’t get anyone to develop it. But one problem I have is West Alondra Park. Every city is required to have a certain percentage of ‘green space’, and when Compton was lacking, the property now referred to as West Alondra Park, was purchased and now Kofi has that on his for sale list. Monies were allocated to develop the amenities for this park but were spent for other things. Five minutes before the ‘Agency’ was to vote to approve this list the City Attorney presented a thick packet of papers to each of the members. This packet ‘allegedly’ was from the State DOF but the public never got to see the information. After a closed session discussion the item was approved but I have no idea if corrections were made or not.

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