Urban Girl of the Month: Marilyn Mosby


Marilyn Mosby is the 35-year-old Baltimore prosecutor, who announced criminal charges today, against 6 Baltimore police officers.  The death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray has brought national outrage and protests, of the continued pattern of police using excessive force on residents.  Mosby is a graduate of historically black college (HBCU) Tuskegee University and is the mother of two daughters.  Mosby was elected to serve as the State’s attorney in November and announced there was probable cause to charge the officers with murder.

2 Urban Girls salutes Marilyn Mosby for taking a strong position on police officers who use excessive force on residents and for also reiterating that coming from a family of law enforcement, she understand all cops aren’t bad, but those who are, should be held accountable for their wrongdoing.  The officers will have their day in court, Freddie Gray will not.

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