U.S. Treasurer appointed by President Nixon dies

Ramona’s Food Group has reported the death of their founder Ramona Acosta Bañuelos.  Many aren’t familiar with Bañuelos being the nations first female AND Latina U.S. Treasurer.  The community knows her for her delicious Mexican food eateries, Ramona’s which is headquartered in Gardena, CA. 

Former President Richard Nixon was under tremendous pressure to appoint a woman to his cabinet during his presidency.  As the Women’s Rights Movement was in full swing, he chose Ms. Bañuelos not because of her food but because she co-founded Pan American Bank.

HBO’s documentary Nxon on Nixon: In His Own Words, revealed the relentless negative media attention Ms. Bañuelos received from the LA Times in regards to the workers she hired in her restaurants.  Their reporting nearly threatened her being confirmed to the position.   Nixon responded by investigating the LA Times employees.

Ms. Bañuelos was the first female Latina to be appointed Treasurer of the United States on September 20, 1971.   She served from December 17, 1971 to February 14, 1974.

She was 92.

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