Two Interesting Bills sit on Governors Desk for Approval

Coy Mathis, left, with her sister Auri, at their home in Fountain, Colo. (AP | Brennan Linsley)

Coy Mathis, left, with her sister Auri, at their home in Fountain, Colo. (AP | Brennan Linsley)

There are two interesting bills on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.  One that attempted to make it easier and faster to discipline and/or remove teachers for sexual misconduct stalled but it appears that the bill to allow transgender students to choose which bathroom they use, is headed for passing.

What the fuck is going through these elected officials minds when you allow perverts access to kids and make it easier by allowing transgendered children to be in whichever bathroom they please?

This case initially came to light in Colorado when six year old boy Coy Mathis, who identifies with being a girl, sued the public school system to allow him to use the girls bathroom.  Did his penis magically disappear?

2UrbanGirls spoke on this on our twitter page and one comment centered around the bathrooms still having doors which creates privacy and also tried to argue their are already “family” bathrooms in use at amusement parks and movie theatres.  Duh, that’s because toddlers cant use the bathroom without assistance.

2UrbanGirls believes in preserving the rights of all but is this going a tad bit too far?  Is this the governments blatant attempt to further destroy the public school system?  A system that is so fucked up that even in light of the many instances of sexual misconduct of the teachers, the unions still want to cover up for pedophiles?  Are the union leaders pedophiles themselves?  What message is that sending to children that the unions care more about receiving monthly dues than protecting the children they serve?

This is a blatant mismanagement and disregard for public funds and where is the Risk departments position on this?  The next biggest expenditure of the district, aside from teachers salaries, are the astronomical amount of lawsuits they have to defend.  Although the insurance policy takes the hit when a lawsuit is paid out, the taxpayers suffer when premiums go up and other benefits, medical/dental/vision suffer when less than desirable choices replace better options due to costs?

Another way the unions are hurting our economy but since they generate so much money for campaign elections, I guess the unions do run this country.  Lord help us.


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