Thursday is the best day of the WEEK

untitled2UrbanGirls absolutely LOVES Thursdays!  Why?  That’s when all of the local “urban” newspapers update their websites.  Here’s a recap of todays updates.

Inglewood Today

The Inglewood Today and Morningside Park Chronicle are two community papers that cover Inglewood, CA.  Inglewood Today is Inglewood’s “official” city newspaper and has existed for nearly two decades.  The Morningside Park Chronicle has been around for nearly two years, and is owned by former Inglewood Television personnel, Teka-Lark Fleming.

The newspapers bicker back and forth about their funding sources, content and anything the other writes, so this weeks edition was rather interesting.

Inglewood Today printed TWO articles on the Morningside Park Chronicle2UrbanGirls was shocked that Willie Brown gave them so much coverage.  That’s a good thing.  The MPC may be a thorn in the side of Inglewood Mayor Butts, but overall, both periodicals bring issues to light about what is happening in the city and making residents more aware.  For once it would be nice if their popular videos would air in its entirety, in order to remain balanced.

LA Sentinel

Apparently more people can take advantage of having their student loans forgiven.  Click here to read the story and see if you can make heads or tails of it.  The article doesn’t tell you how to get your student loan forgiven, but they do share which positions qualify.

Wave Newspaper

This week Betty Pleasant asked in her weekly Soulvine column, an odd, rather poignant question:

QUESTION — Is Hollywood turning into the white people’s Compton?

Any takers on what this could mean?

Also, the Hutchinson Report is back.  Whatever happened to the guy from the Cosby Show?


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