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comptonA few weeks ago, the Compton NAACP brought to the attention of the Compton community, their disgust of activities along Long Beach Boulevard.  Not only prostitution, but trafficking of children, from out of the state, and apparently forcing them into prostitution.

Once it was time for City of Compton officials to come back from their August hiatus, Mayor Brown, Sheriff Baca, and other community leaders held a press conference condemning not only the recent increase in crime but also to step up efforts to give harsher penalties to those involved in child prostitution.

One particular story made it all the way to Europe about five individuals out of Moreno Valley who were arrested for forcing two teen runaways into prostitution.  LA County sheriff’s put out a press release that they have “rescued” the women from their oppressors.

Well the individuals have been released due to the “victims” recanting their story.  What isn’t widely known is there are websites which direct the women where to go to “whore” themselves out.  Just as women are willing participants to work in the porn industry, which is legal, why can’t someone sell their body for money on the street if they want to?  Aren’t they both getting paid for sex?  How is a pimp any different from a porn producer?

Who’s zooming who?  We know its election time!

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