This and That: 10/14

untitledHere’s what is, and what isn’t, making headlines today, October 14th.

City of Lomita elections.  A water well dispute and whether to purchase from Metropolitan Water District is at the heart of this cities upcoming elections. (Daily Breeze)

Teacher sues accuser.  A teacher in San Jose is preparing to sue the family of a student who falsely accused him of sexual misconduct.  (Daily Breeze)

Lack of women in city hall.  With the decreased numbers of women serving on the city council, KPCC will host a forum discussing the issue.  The City of Los Angeles has one woman on the dais, while neighboring City of Inglewood has none. (KPCC)

Ridesharing services encroach on LAX.  Lyft and UberX are operating cloak and dagger style in the lucrative LAX terminals.  LAX does not allow these type of services to pick up on LAX territory.  (Daily Breeze)

Employee jailed for siphoning pensions.  The Anaheim Police Association union has successfully prosecuted a former employee for embezzling $400k of police officers pensions.  She was sentenced to four years in state prison. (Daily Breeze)

LAX Police get expanded authority.  Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill giving LAX Airport Police the same powers as the LAPD.  (Daily Breeze)

Illegal recordings.  A secretly recorded tirade by a Narbonne High School student of his teacher brings attention to recording individuals without their permission.  (Daily Breeze)


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