This and That: 10/1

untitledHere’s whats making headlines today along with a follow-up to yesterdays edition of This and That.

Assemblyman Isadore Hall III.  A colleague reminded 2UrbanGirls that Hall’s legislation, AB640, is monumental for it will make it a LAW that condoms are required on the set of porn production.  Although CAL-OSHA regulates work place safety, they are not able to enforce condoms, since there is no law requiring them to do so.  2UrbanGirls erred in not making this connection.

Pump ya brakes PalmdaleLA Weekly is reporting the City of Palmdale can NOT hold elections until they first comply with the California Voting Rights Act.  R. Rex Parris, mayor of Lancaster, and well-known for violating the rights of his own cities residents, is representing the plaintiff in the case, Juan Jauregui.   Oh the irony.  The Department of Justice recently ordered LA County Sheriff, Lancaster and Palmdale, to pay a $12.5 million settlement to the residents in the Antelope Valley for their treatment of minorities.  So its mighty strange that Parris is now fighting on behalf of minorities.  Is he up for re-election?

Senate Bill 4.  S.B. 4 would require oil companies to list the chemicals used by name and quantity, give neighbors who live near an oil well 30 days notice before commencement of fracking activity, provide groundwater monitoring near the oil fields and mandate posting of this information on a public website.  2UrbanGirls told you that companies are buying abandoned wells and restarting them.  Who can we thank for the increase in frackingYvonne Brathwaite-Burke, Don Knabe, Mike Antonivich and Gloria Molina.  Your LA County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 back in 2008 to let fracking resume and now one of their offspring is running for state assembly?  Puhleeze.

City of LA Planning Commission.  KPCC is reporting Mayor Eric Garcetti has appointed John Mack, former LAPD commissioner, to the lucrative and most powerful body each city can have.  You see whats going on in Inglewood?  Fluffing the public with projects, that will never happen, in order to change the zoning, in favor of the property owner.  Inglewood residents are wondering if the Hollywood Park Tomorrow project is going to happen.  People lost their jobs as a direct result.

Georgia’s Sapelo Island.  Georgia’s island community of slave descendents fight tax hikes of up to SIX  HUNDRED per cent.  In short, residents who make up this tiny island off the state of Georgia are embattled in a property tax suit that could put residents in a precarious predicament.  Residents argue they receive 1/10 of the services they are supposed to have so the 600% increase is both absurd and unjustified.  Any lawyers wish to help them out in Georgia?

Damien Goodman.  The man behind the Crenshaw Subway Coalition is not too happy with the performance of LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.  He has published two articles, on August 21st and the other August 29th, discussing MRT’s action on the Subway and MLK Hospital.

City of Long Beach.  Lobbyist Carl Kemp and Bonnie Lowenthal have both declared their intent to run for Long Beach city council.  Do residents need a lobbyist on the city payroll (Price/Katherman) and more importantly, are Long Beach residents ready to reject the “Lowenthal” dynasty?  Kemp is single and also the uncle to LA Dodgers Matt Kemp.

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas.  The Los Angeles Times reports Gov. Jerry Brown has set Dec. 3 as the special election to fill an Assembly seat previously held by Holly Mitchell.




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