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IUSDHow many of you have a child in the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD)?  Am I the only one noticing the lack of homework being given over the last month or so?  Am I the only one hearing about the constant presence of substitute teachers in the classrooms?  Did the union plan a sick out for their employees this school year?

I alluded to the unions representing IUSD employees being in cahoots to get the district out of the states hands.  Lets see, the unions voted overwhelmingly in support of the state taking over the district.  Soon as that happens did they then get together to vote in support of a “sick out”?

If the district is strapped for cash, why are we paying the FULL SALARIES of teachers AND substitutes for our children to not be taught?  I am working on a story that will show how far behind our students are when they enter our local community colleges.  Many of the students enter remedial math and/or English.  That means they can barely read or count.  My goodness, all of our good tax money is going straight down the drain.

When the community is up in arms over the amount of the SB533 loan being half way ran through, and you think how did they run through $29 million dollars already, go to your child and ask them how many days has their teacher been out of school?

My dumb ass did believe the hype.  Last year IUSD did this horse and pony show of having “Middle School Night” were I was fed this wonderful tale of a sixth grade magnet program that was so top-notch you had to go through additional measures of showing report cards and CST scores in order to  “qualify” to get in.  Well, the truth is, there are only two sixth grade magnet teachers and one hasn’t been to work a full month since the 2012-13 school year began.  Adding insult to injury the same day she called off work she showed up to the after hours meeting at Morningside High School to plead on behalf of the teachers not losing their jobs.  Then the heffa turned around and called out sick the next day.  Since teachers are immune to being fired they are “Ray Charles” to showing up to do their job.  Apparently the teachers are now in support of LAUSD taking over the schools which is even more out of control than IUSD.  How many teachers have been found to be molesting their students?  How many of those pedophiles were accepted by IUSD?

If principals have no control over their staff, and do nothing to discipline their behavior, is this why so many are being reassigned?  Clearly IUSD needs to develop some standards for becoming a principal.   Promotion based on tenure alone is simply no longer sufficient!

By the way, the teacher is also the Vice President of the union.  Tax dollars wasted.

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