The Urban Girl Show: Compton Board President Micah Ali

micah-ali-deskCompton School Board President Micah Ali was in the house!  Fresh off winning re-election and his third term as Governing Board Trustee of the Compton Unified School District, Ali stopped by the Urban Girl Show to discuss the passing of Measure S, moving the district forward and a billion dollar lawsuit CUSD is facing over trauma.

Ali first appeared on MSNBC’s Nerdland with Melissa Harris-Perry, earlier in the day to also discuss whether or not “living in Compton causes trauma to students”?  Newly elected Governing Board Trustee, Sandra Moss, also called in to discuss her victory on Nov. 3rd and what are her priorities, when she joins the dais in December.

Special thanks to Inglewood’s own Damani Nkosi for allowing us to use his music throughout the show.


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  1. Michael Hill says:

    Among those who should be considered for the oversight committee, IMO, should also have a background in either architecture or construction or who understand building trades, so that if change orders occur during the remodel, they can interpret this to the board in appropriate terms. The problem with the last upgrade involved tons of change orders, when the infrastructure was found to be so out of code, as far as current building and seismic requirements, the money fell very short of completing the task they set out to get done. I do recall this from years ago. Many of our local schools are showing signs of age and to be seismically safe, they will require major improvements and if you never had experience with construction, remodeling or cannot read building renderings, how would you know if the work is really being done in a correct manner or if other “surprises” will take the allocated funding and waste it needlessly. Ever watch DIY shows online? These are nice people, but I think some are way out of their league unless they have the requisite background or knowledge. Otherwise we may, once again, fall short of any goals for the bond money, once again. Trust, but verify. Enough of the friend network of putting people in place who don’t know HVAC, concrete, proper ductwork or can understand California building codes and can interact with general contractors and designers effectively. I’m a former member of the Planning Commission but my dad worked in large scale construction and I’ve worked for a developer in the past, so I offer this as a cautionary tale for those in office. If you know what you’re doing, then fine, you don’t need my 2 cents worth. But just be careful and do the right thing at all times. Please…

    • Admin says:

      TOTALLY AGREED on the backgrounds of people you want on an oversight committee, in addition to those who work for the district.

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