The New Age of Tommunism: A Response to Najee Ali (Op-Ed)

photo: Najee Ali facebook

photo: Najee Ali facebook

The New Age of Tommunism

Response to Najee Ali

My name is Billion GODSun & I have been a Grassroots, Community Activist in Los Angeles for the last 24 Years. I was present @ the so-called “mayoral town hall meeting” @ Holman United Methodist Church on Monday October 19th. I Am not a member of BLM-LA (Black Lives Matter-LA) but I support much of their work, which is why I answered the call to join them @ Holman.

BLM-LA confronted mayor garcetti after the murder of Brother Afrika on Skid Row, which occurred approximately 2 months after the release of Ezell Ford’s autopsy report. BLM-LA camped out in front of his home in Hancock Park & demanded that he explain why he was allowing his police chief & the most murderous police department in the country to wreak havoc in Our Community following these specific murders & others in general. The mayor initially tried to ignore & evade BLM-LA & then eventually agreed to BLM-LA’s demand that he hold a town-hall meeting so that he could explain to the Afrikan/Black Community of Los Angeles what his plans were for reigning in his murderous police force. And why he hadn’t done it already.

We found out that not only was this so-called town hall meeting NOT what he initially agreed to w/ BLM-LA, but that a host of other issues – admittedly also important – would be topics for discussion EXCEPT the police terrorism being waged vs the Afrikan/Black community of Los Angeles. We also found out that NO ONE from BLM-LA had been invited to be a part of this so-called town hall.

This was the reason why BLM-LA came to Holman – to expose this so-called town hall meeting for the sham that it was & to raise – again – the issue of police terrorism & the mayor’s lack of accountability. This was the reason Professor Melina Abdullah, one of the leaders of BLM-LA, took to the stage & spoke to the folks in attendance. I and others rushed to the stage to protect Professor Melina. From our position in the audience Pastor Sauls got in Professor Melina’s face in a threatening manner @ one point appearing to physically assault her.

Many in the Afrikan/Black Community have expressed Their concern & anger @ what They called the disrespect of Holman’s church sanctuary when We rushed the stage. This is understandable but it is based on wrong information. If it is to be considered the Holman Sanctuary was violated it was Pastor Sauls himself who initiated that violation.

We refused to accept the sham of a meeting that was taking place which, if We speak truthfully, should have been held in another part of the church & not the sanctuary, and then We refused to accept what looked like Pastor Sauls’ intimidation of Professor Melina.

The only so-called threats Pastor Sauls received were warnings that Professor Abdullah & other women – members of BLM-LA who were @ that point being threatened – would be Protected BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

This is the truth of the matter that Najee Ali, aka Ron Eskew, left out of his sorry attempt @ a column on Thursday October 22nd.

We are not surprised that Ali/Eskew left this out of his column since he has his own history of abuse of Black women & others w/ numerous restraining orders being filed vs him as well as a conviction for hit & run vs a Black woman a few years ago to prove it. This information is public record where anyone can go & look it up.

Knowing this it makes even more sense now that they had invited & intended for maulana karenga/ron everett to give the opening address. karenga/everett who heads the us organization & African American Cultural Center is another abuser of women who was sent to prison for torturing women in his own organization.

Ali/Eskew attempted to belittle BLM-LA by saying that it was a handful of demonstrators that interrupted the so-called town hall, but it is obvious from the numerous videos inside the church and outside surrounding the mayor’s car that “handful” is misleading. A majority of the people in attendance were either BLM-LA members or supporters. This included a dozen or so Skid Row Activists, a Black Workers Organization, the Autonomous Group that I belong to & others. Besides, how could a so-called mayoral town hall meeting have been allowed to be taken over anyway if it had only been a handful of demonstrators?

Professor Melina received the most applause while speaking which would appear as though the majority of those who were present were in support of her position of calling for accountability from the mayor, LAPD, Chief Beck & all of the psychotic cops who have been violating the African/Black Community throughout L.A.

A simple google search of Najee Ali will expose himself as being one of the main provocateurs of controversy w/n the Afrikan/Black community for the past decade or so. Obviously he’s too ignorant or paid off to comprehend HE is the BIGGEST Joke in South L.A.

Najee’s deceptive claim that white cops shoot Black people twice a year @ best proves he is ignorant of current events, too lazy or uninterested in researching the truth, or, he has a vested interest in spewing false propaganda on behalf of the establishment.

Najee was also convicted of perjury which basically means he is a liar so his being deceptive is also not surprising.

Najee should not try to accuse BLM-LA of “begging” for meetings w/ white folks since his MANY private meetings w/ the police, mayor etc. are a main reason he is NOT Trusted in South L.A. He hasn’t been taken seriously in Our Community for the past 13 Years.

Hopefully We have heard & read his last public statement on anything! Ever!



– Billion GODSun

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