The Lennox Teachers Association weighs in on Charter school petition

Lennox Teachers Association Opposes Charter School Effort to Leave District

Move to Become “Independent” Charter Seen as Harmful  

Lennox –The Lennox Teachers Association announced today its opposition to a charter amendment submitted last week by Lennox Mathematics, Science, and Technology Academy (LMSTA) to become an independent entity no longer part of Lennox School District.  LMSTA is currently a dependent charter that has much autonomy but still remains a district school. The move came after recent turmoil around the current principal’s employment status and allegations of interference by District leadership in school matters.  Viewing the potential break off as harmful to students, staff, and larger Lennox community, the Lennox Teachers Association Representative Council approved the following statement last week:

“We, the members of the Lennox Teachers Association, support our LMSTA teachers and families in their efforts to stand up for their students and school, but we would like to see more time devoted to this issue to explore alternative solutions to their concerns, including more autonomy for LMSTA within the district. We also recognize that this situation has largely come about due to poor leadership demonstrated by the School Board and undue interference by the district in the affairs of LMSTA.”

LTA president Brian Guerrero views the proposal as fraught with problems and unforeseen implications. “The plan to essentially secede from the district as a response to very recent issues is not in the best interest of the Lennox community, and, we believe, not in the best interest of LMSTA students or staff,” Guerrero said. “The school was never designed to be an independent charter and there are too many unknowns for us to support such a rushed plan. LTA will continue to support LMSTA’s efforts to operate as a Lennox charter with better support, not interference, from the District and to address the concerns of our LTA members at the site.”


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