Update on Isaac Galvan and his campaign finance reports


**update** the LA Times ran their much-anticipated story on newly elected Isaac Galvan’s failure to file the appropriate campaign finance reports.  To say the least, it was boring.  He spent $29,000 but raised only half of that amount.  He owes that dude that got fired from his liaison post $12k but no mention of where his campaign contributions came from.  The article cites “…most of his donations came from outside of Compton…”  Really?  Outsiders care more about your candidacy than the people on the block who you cut down their trees and take out their trash?  Where is Allison when you need the real meat and potatoes of the story!

Abby Sewell and Angel Jennings are a tag team duo covering the City of Compton for the LA Times.  Many stories they have written together, but Sewell usually saves final credits for herself once the story wraps.  Here, Jennings interviews Sewell on her thoughts of the recent municipal elections held in Compton, where Isaac Galvan was elected as the cities first Latino councilman.  I wonder if either will follow the footsteps of Councilman Joe Buscaino, and spend the night in Compton and truly document what the citizens face on a daily basis.

2UrbanGirls inquired of Sewell what happened to her intense coverage of former mayor Omar Bradley?  She extensively referred to his convictions in every article written leading up to the elections and once the election was over no follow-up?  She stated all she knows is he heads back to court in September.

Watch their interview here


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