The FORUM is hiring for additional positions

Inglewood, CA

Inglewood, CA

As Madison Square Garden heads into the final stretch before the re-opening of the Forum in City of Champions, Inglewood, CA, key positions need to be filled prior to the scheduled 2014 opening.

The forum well be reopening on January 18, 2014.

Administrative Assistant (Inglewood, CA) 
Forum Concerts & Entertainment 13-4718
Administrative Assistant – Forum (Inglewood, California) 
Forum House Operations- LA 13-4305
Director Building Operations Forum (Inglewood, California) 
Forum Building Operations – Forum 13-4752
Director Production Forum (Inglewood, California) 
Forum 13-4753
Director Special Events & Family Entertainment LA (Inglewood, CA) 
Forum Concerts & Entertainment 13-4716
Engineer -Forum 
Forum LA Forum Facilities Operations 12-3651
Manager Bookings LA (Inglewood, CA) 
Forum Concerts & Entertainment 13-4717
Manager Entertainment Finance LA (Inglewood, CA) 
Forum Finance – MSG Ent Bookings 13-4721
Manager House Ops Forum (Inglewood, California) 
Forum House Operations- LA 13-4884
Manager Marketing & Promotions LA (Inglewood, CA) 
Forum Ent Bookings Marketing 13-4720



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